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English Courses


Teacher : M. David HERBERT

First year of the Masters Programme / M1

 Overview :

The English courses provided during the first (M1) year of the course cover a wide range of topics related to various fields of law, and give participants opportunities to study and discuss topical issues in the law and in the news while consolidating their command of English grammar and expanding their vocabulary, particularly in relation to legal terminology.

The courses take as a starting point press articles, television and radio coverage of issues in the news, with a focus on comprehension. Subsequent activities concentrate on vocabulary relevant to the topic studied, which participants then employ in the context of discussions and debates concerning a related question. Legal documents are introduced in certain courses to give further practice with key vocabulary, accompanied by exercises in legal drafting and translation of French into English.

Each course also contains an element of grammar study intended to give participants of a range of abilities an opportunity to revise and consolidate their command of English grammar.

Second year of the Masters Programme / M2

 Overview :

The English courses during the second (M2) year of the Masters programme are scheduled to correspond to the programme of seminars on law topics. In the weeks preceding each teaching module, the English courses introduce, practice and revise the specific legal vocabulary relevant to that module, and offer participants an opportunity to discuss recent current affairs events and topical issues related to the field of law in question.

The courses are devised to give participants a maximum of opportunities to practice their speaking skills, and there is a high degree of emphasis on performance in tasks analogous to real-life situations encountered by legal practitioners : debates, negotiation, presentation of information on the law, legal arguments, explanation and clarification of laws, and interview practice.

The aim of the courses is therefore to prepare participants to follow closely and participate actively in the law seminars of the Masters programme, and to consolidate the language skills necessary to practice law in an English speaking context.